About us

BAGCO founded in 2010, affiliated to Guangzhou Aopiya Leather Industry Co., Ltd.. Adheres to the design concept of "elegant, refined, classic, and fashionable". Uses high-quality fabrics, exquisite detail decoration, elegant colors and patterns. Coupled with fashionable design and clever tailoring, outline the beauty of women and embellish the colorful life of modern urban women.
BAGCO suitable for different people and age groups, providing women with more fashion possibilities. Different styles of bags are provided, and 4 to 6 colors are designed for each bag. For giving customers more choices, make sure all ladies can find their own style and color in the product range.
After 12 years of brand creation, development and accumulation, BAGCO's brand has been comprehensively upgraded. Seek aesthetic systems and communication methods that are more in line with consumer context - the power of softness. New core brand concepts and create new core products.

Brand Style

    Adhering to the design concept of "elegant, refined, classic and fashionable", it outlines the beauty of women and embellishes the colorful life of modern urban women. 

    attitude towards life

      Feminine, sophisticated, modern/modern

      Development path

        Colorful life of urban women


        Development path

          • 2010    In order to cater to diversified consumer needs, Obia has implemented a multi-brand development strategy in depth and created the fast fashion brand BAGCO to occupy more market segments, maximize market share and improve Obia's market competitiveness.
          • 2015    BAGCO accelerated its global strategic layout, entered the Chinese market, and established a product research and development center in Huadu, Guangzhou to prepare for its future penetration of the Chinese market.
          • 2016    BAGCO launched Chinese market research and conducted in-depth investigations and analyzes from environmental trends, industry competition and customer needs. In order to better grasp the business opportunities and risks of entering the Chinese market, this move accelerated BAGCO's entry into the Chinese market.
          • 2017   The launch of the BAGCO brand in China has taken a key step in the global industrial layout and opened a new chapter in development. At the end of the same year, BAGCO made strategic adjustments based on changes in the market situation, which will accelerate BAGCO's formation of a new development pattern in which domestic and international dual cycles promote each other.
          • 2022   In the post-epidemic era, BAGCO has gathered strength and set sail again, implementing the new strategy of "brand empowerment, channel intensive cultivation", taking the initiative to establish independent sales channels and networks, and using online Facebook and Instagram channels and offline customer shopping and supermarket channels to make the brand more profitable. The sales link has been moved to the forefront of each country, rapidly increasing BAGCO's market share. In May of the same year, the brand's official website was established to further increase brand exposure and enhance brand image.