Wholesale Form
We are operating business around the world, also many partners are working with us.

If you want to collaborate with us, we will feel honoured and kindly ask you to send us the answers of questions below.

*1. Which country/countries are you currently/will you work in?
*2. Do you have any experience of doing shoes, clothes or bags business? If so, please briefly talk about this.
*3. Are you currently/will operating an physical store or an online store?
*4. How do you want us to contact you? WhatsApp/Email/Instagram/WeChat.

(Please send the above information to us,martin@aopiya.com )

After sending us these, we will contact you further and give you the support of business issues.


[Some Basic Supports from us]

1. Design of physical stores
2. Online-Promotion 
3. Product display guidance
4. Pricing guidance
5. More customised supports