On the afternoon of October 19th, Guangzhou Aopiya Leather Goods Industry Co., Ltd. presented a wonderful luggage show to the audience at the 2020 Canton Fair Fashion Week (Autumn)-Fashion Explosion LIVE Show.

 Aopiya Leather Goods was established in Dubai in early 2000, and a branch office was established in China in 2003. In 2010, the headquarters settled in Huadu, which is known as the "China Leather Capital". Adhering to the tenet of "creating value for customers", the company has formed a complete and high-quality whole industry chain after 20 years of hard work, and has five R&D teams in headquarters, Dubai, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy. At present, Aopiya has four independent brands including Bagco, CB, Alabella and Susen, which have been registered in 162 countries and regions and sold to more than 60 countries and regions.

Only quality is lean and far-reaching, focusing on twenty years of perseverance! Focus on luggage, innovation and creation. In terms of R&D and design, at all costs, each process is carefully crafted and polished with ingenuity; in the selection of materials for each product, we have exhausted the elements and cultivated meticulously; in the in-depth integration of supply chain resources, we have joined forces, both in material selection and craftsmanship. , lead the industry trend; in product quality, always adhere to zero-defective, zero-tolerance; in user experience and service, listen with heart and accept with humility. We dedicate all our energy to the meticulousness and perfection of our products. The craftsman spirit and customer-oriented service concept deeply integrated into the soul and blood of Aopiya people have created the core competitive advantage of the company today.With a global vision, a deep understanding of luggage, an understanding of the beauty of Eastern and Western consumers, and the unremitting pursuit of perfect quality, the bagco brand has deeply won the favor and recognition of consumers in countries along the Belt and Road, and has become the Middle East, The most popular handbag brands in Africa, Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia consumers are listed on the list, and the "Belt and Road Famous Trademark",
 the craft innovation and creation team won the 2017 Guangdong Province May 1st Labor Medal, and the "Leather Technology Standard" was included in China Workers Daily "Republic Backbone" magazine, was invited to be one of the framers of "Leather Products - General Technical Specifications" of "National Leather Industry Standardization Technical Committee". In 2018, it was honored to be one of the top ten enterprises supported by the Ministry of Commerce of China. These honors have become the best annotations of Aopiya's focus on sticking to the spirit of craftsmanship! The great power of the world is sincerity! In the past 20 years, it has been about integrity, tolerance, and friends first! Brand, first has "quality", and then has "brand" - quality, character, brand, refining fine products with painstaking efforts, and casting the brand with character, Aopiya will be unswerving!
Bagco will be unswerving!
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